Opening September 5th at 13:00
Landings Project Space
September 5 – October 4, 2009

Landings is proud to announce three new exhibitions.

Jeuno JE Kim & Ewa Einhorn will present the work Noble Lies at Landings /1. The story from the beginning to the end with a middle about the 400 years of Nordic colonial history. Meet Kim Eric Williams, the Governor of Swedish Colonial Society; Gunlög Fur, a Historian; and Camilla Hasthed, an ambitious Officer of Internal Missions at the United Nations of Norden.  What was New Sweden in 1638 and how does the colonial history of the 17th century shape our understanding of the present?  What is United Nations of Norden and should one be aware of the liberal mediation?

Jeuno JE Kim works with video, performance, sound, and drawings. Born in South Korea, she has studied, taught, and exhibited in UK, France, and the US.  She received her MFA from University of Illinois at Chicago, in 2001, and MA in Theology from Harvard University.  Currently, she is based in Malmö/Seoul. 

Ewa Einhorn is an artist based in Berlin/ Malmö working with film, animation and drawing.

maj hasager pressebilde
Maj Hasager (DK) will present the body of work Three Chapters/// at Landings /2. Three Chapters/// (2009) is a textual and photographic historiography consisting of three works: Field Trip, Imperial Airways Gaza and Would you stay - if you could leave?. The works deal with the relationships between text, narration, image and position of power as well as history, when interpreted through time.

All three chapters take their point of departure in the disputed lands of historic Palestine – investigating construction and reproduction of history, from a colonial past to present strategies of occupation and resistance. The works Field Trip and Imperial Airways Gaza are newly produced for the exhibition at Landings /2.

Three Chapters///
 is part of a larger body of work, with each chapter being “written” as it develops through research on zones of conflict and cultural heritage.

Maj Hasager (b.1977) is a Danish artist based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She has studied photography and fine art in Denmark, Sweden and in the UK, and completed her MFA from Malmö Art Academy, Sweden in 2008. Hasager’s work deals with ideas of power structures, gender, identity, public space, architecture and how these are interlinked and interpreted culturally, spatially and through representation. Her artistic approach is research-based and interdisciplinary, working predominantly in text, sound, video and photography. She has exhibited her work internationally both in galleries and in the public realm including Overgaden Institute for Contemporary Art, Copenhagen; The Third Guangzhou Triennial, China; Gallery 21, Malmö; LOOP Film festival, Barcelona; EMERGED Space, Glasgow and KargArt festival in Istanbul. She is the recipient of several international residencies and has been awarded grants from the Danish Arts Council, Art School Palestine, Danish Centre for Culture and Development and the Danish Arts Agency.

Institutt for Degenerert Kunst(1) presents An Anecdote Through A Bottle,an exhibition that serves as a recollection of her demented mind(2). A distorted strategic interpretation of contemporary art as if seen through the glass of an empty bottle. But behold, in the ashes and ruins of her attempts at success lies not only failure - but rather the glorious triumph of the ill.
Institutt for Degenerert Kunst is the breakdown of a particular type of consciousness. She is the simultaneous collapse of several functionally separate series of associations. The most important component of the concept is that the activity of consciousness always has to be seen as the product of many simultaneously ongoing psycho-physical processes. The unity of consciousness is never apparent to her in its entirety, but is produced by the synthesis of simultaneous processes.
For instance there is something new about my hands, a certain way of picking up my pipe or fork. Or else it´s the fork which now has a certain way of having itself picked up, I don´t know. A little while ago, just as I was coming into my room, I stopped short because I felt in my hand a cold object which held my attention through a sort of personality. I opened my hand, looked: I was simply holding the door-knob. This morning in the library, when the Self-Taught Man came to say good morning to me, it took me ten seconds to recognize him. I saw an unknown face, barely a face. Then there was his hand like a fat white worm in my own hand. I dropped it immediately and the arm fell back flabbily.

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